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Notary Services for Your Official Documents

Let Meredith Bateman Law Office of Riverview help you complete your legal documents with our notary services.


When do I need a notary?

Notary services are often needed to complete documents that will be used or filed in another province or country. They may also be required to allow you to give an “official” copy of an important document (such as a will), while you keep the original: that is, a notarized copy. In New Brunswick all lawyers are Notaries. 


What does a notary do?

Notaries are permitted to:

  • Administer your oath
  • Certify a document to be a true copy
  • Confirm your identity to another party
  • Witness your signature


This work is then sealed with an official notarial seal. We must keep a complete file record of each notarial act: your identification, a copy of the document(s), and notes of what we did.


A notary provides a professional service, for which you should make an appointment. You will be charged a modest professional fee.


What is a Commissioner of Oaths?

All lawyers, and many legal support staff, are also commissioners for taking signatures on affidavits, that is, they are authorized to administer an oath. If your document needs to be sworn, and if it is for use in New Brunswick, this work can probably be done by a Commissioner of Oaths. We are required to verify your identity and keep a file record, but the fee is less than that of a notary.


What else do I need to know?

The person requiring the notary services must be present and must sign the document in front of the lawyer along with providing proper proof of his or her identity.


What kind of identification is accepted?

To perform any notary services, we require that you provide us with two pieces of identification, which we must photocopy for our records. At least one piece of your ID must have your photo on it and one must have your address. We can use:

  • Permanent driver’s license issued in Canada
  • Canadian or foreign passport
  • Birth certificate, certificate of Canadian citizenship or certificate of naturalization (paper document or card, but may not be a commemorative issue)
  • Permanent resident card or citizenship and immigration Canada form
  • Certificate of Indian status issued by government of Canada
  • Provincial health insurance card issued in British Columbia, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Quebec, or Newfoundland and Labrador
  • Document or card with individual’s photograph and signature issued by any of the following:
    • Insurance Corporation of British Columbia
    • Alberta registries
    • Saskatchewan Government Insurance
    • Department of Transportation and Public Works of Prince Edward Island
    • Service New Brunswick
    • Department of Government Services and Lands of the province of Newfoundland and Labrador
    • Department of Transportation of the Northwest Territories
    • Department of Community Government and Transportation of the Territory of Nunavut
    • Canadian National Institute for the Blind (CNIB) client card with the individual’s photograph and signature
    • Canadian firearms license
    • Social insurance card issued by the government of Canada
    • Employee identity card, issued by an employer that is well known in the community, with the individual’s photograph
    • Credit card issued by a well-known and reputable Canadian financial institution, in the individual’s name or showing their name, and with the individual’s signature
    • Old age security card issued by the government of Canada


How much do notary services cost?

Our fees include the verification of your identification, administering your oath, witnessing your signature to any documents, a notarial certificate with seal, as well as any needed photocopies of your documents.


Our Fees for Notary Services

*Please note: All fees listed do not include HST

  • Commissioner of Oaths: $50.00
  • Notarized signature on a document: $75.00 (additional fees apply should there be more than one document or multiple documents)
  • Out of province real estate documents: fees vary


For information on our notary services, contact Meredith Bateman Law Office today.

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