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Law Firm Serving Riverview, Moncton and Surrounding Areas


Meredith Bateman Law offers services in the areas of family lawreal estate, and wills and estates at the Riverview law office that serves the greater Moncton and surrounding areas. Meredith has extensive court litigation experience and draws upon her past experience doing federal drug and income tax prosecutions and child protection matters in the court system.


Meredith has previously taught at the training sessions on family law and on child protection at the Bar Admission Courses of the New Brunswick Law Society. She is a member of the New Brunswick Law Society and the Canadian Bar Association.


Meredith has appeared before the New Brunswick Court of Appeal on both family and criminal matters, and is before the Court of Queen’s Bench, Family Division and New Brunswick Provincial Court in various areas of the Province on a regular basis. We appear in Moncotn courts on a regular basis as well as Saint John and Miramichi.


With her years of experience in dealing with cases related to family law, Meredith is understanding and empathetic when there is a case related to family law issues. Her law firm in Riverview is committed and known to provide efficient client service and expertise in handling of such cases.


Over the years, Meredith and her staff have worked to help individuals and families from all walks of life resolve their issues as efficiently as possible. Where that is not posssible, we have the experience necessary to help clients process their needs through the court system if necessary. It is always difficult to go through separation and divorce for families. Every case and every client is different. Our priority is to help you get through the syetem with the help YOU need and are comfortable with.



Be it the issues related to spouses getting a divorce, property division, grandparents seeing grandchildren, separation agreements or child support, wills and powers of attorney, buying or selling property or the refinancig of your home, Meredith Bateman Law in Riverview handles everything with professional care based on what you need and where you find yourself.


Call Meredith Bateman Law when looking for a family law firm in Riverview or Moncton, we will be happy to assist you. Meredith can also help in legal services related to wills and estates, real estate, corporation work or other matters that may arise in your day to day life.

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